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More on the Ukraine War

Today I have to offer only 2 decidedly inferior works, but they are not entirely useless because they do focus in on what I believe to be the crucial point in the current international system: the Ukraine war and the threat of nuclear conflict. First we have an incredibly rambling and jargon-laden article titled “American …

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Sovereignty, War, and Ukraine

The direct impetus for this post is another call for the “sovereignty” of the European Union by means of a common defense organization, pronounced by the head of the European Commission, Ursala von der Leyen, in May ( She gave a speech on the occasion of Macron’s acceptance of the Westphalia Peace Prize in which …

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Papal Mediation

The war in Ukraine now has something in common with the Thirty Years’ War: the pope has offered to mediate. (I am speaking of “mediation” broadly here, in the sense of “acting as a go between”.) The papacy makes a likely mediator because it is not itself a political power. It made a lot more …

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