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Off Ramp for Ukraine

In this clip, Rand Paul asks a state department official (no name given in the clip) about whether the State Department has a plan for an “off ramp” for Ukraine support. This is similar to concerns about an “exit plan” for U.S. intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, something everyone thought we should obviously have once …

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Good News in Ukraine

There hasn’t been much news about the Ukraine war for the last 6-9 months, as it appears to have fallen into a stalemate and the summer offensives have achieved little. The good news is that this has finally inspired Ukraine’s supporters to begin urging the country to consider negotiations. The best outcome for this war …

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Victory Day

I read an interesting article recently arguing that Putin may be planning a major offensive of some sort leading up to May 9th, when Russia celebrates Victory Day commemorating its victory over Germany in World War II. The idea is that the Russian people expect some show of strength on that day, and recent comments …

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Treaty of Istanbul?

As you may have read, negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are being carried out in person in Istanbul. This seems like a big win for Turkey’s prestige, and specifically for Recep Erdogan. It also seems like the negotiations are progressing, at least to some extent. Russia is pulling back from around Kiev and Chernigov, and …

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