The Power of Small States

I almost stopped reading “The power of small and smart states” at the first sentence: “The publication of my book, The Small States Club: How Small Smart States Can Save the World, has provoked a much-needed discussion on small states.” Are you really going to plug your own book by claiming it has started a conversation, …

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The Putin Interview

I have watched the first half of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin. A two hour interview is exceptionally long, at least by American standards. However, I like long form interviews, such as those by Joe Rogan or Triggernometry. Also, I think Tucker Carlson did the right thing (like those other long for interviewers) by …

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Fraud in History

Today I put up a different kind of video in which I discuss the recent prevalence of fraud in academia, and why we haven’t seen any historians involved. Hint — it’s not the historians are more honest. I wanted to add a footnote here. I mentioned in the video that it is hard to track …

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Against Westphalia

Today we have the rare article that not only mentions Westphalia but is primarily about it, and in particular its status as the origin of the modern state system. This is an article with the somewhat clumsy title of “Beyond the Twilight of the Westphalian Myth” on a site called E-International Relations. The article begins …

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Essequibo Again

I made a video about the conflict over Essequibo between Venezuela and Guyana. I learned that there is another territorial dispute in Latin America that the International Court of Justice is also adjudicating.

Moral Cowardice

International relations is a difficult job to manage. You are forced to do and say things that you do not want to do in order to prevent worse evils. I appreciate this problem. I appreciate, for example, the fact that the U.S. does not want to come down unambiguously on the side of defending Taiwan …

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Palestine and Sovereignty

Today’s article concerns the problems with creating an independent, demilitarized Palestinian state. I found out about it because it makes a ritual obeisance to Westphalia as the origin of the state system, going so far as to footnote the treaties of Münster and Osnabrück with the explanation, “Together, these two treaties comprise the ‘Treaty of …

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