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Author: dcroxton

Westphalia in Africa

A few years ago, I set up a Google alert to get an email whenever the Peace of Westphalia is mentioned on the web. Since then, one of the curious things I’ve discovered is the fact that I get two or even three mentions of Westphalia in non-Western sources for every one in a Western …

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Give Peace a Chance?

The city of Münster has embraced its role as site of the Peace of Westphalia. For a century or so, the peace was looked down on by Germans (characterized as “Germany’s Shame” at one point), but these days it is increasingly looked to as a model. It makes sense, therefore, that Münster hosted a new …

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Nagaland and Sovereignty

What a curious coincidence that my first introduction to Nagaland came in the past few months as I have been reading about the Japanese offensive in Burma in 1944, and now I should come across an article about Nagaland and sovereignty. I learned about it in an interesting article about Naga’s relationship with India (“Basic …

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The Power of Small States

I almost stopped reading “The power of small and smart states” at the first sentence: “The publication of my book, The Small States Club: How Small Smart States Can Save the World, has provoked a much-needed discussion on small states.” Are you really going to plug your own book by claiming it has started a conversation, …

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The Putin Interview

I have watched the first half of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin. A two hour interview is exceptionally long, at least by American standards. However, I like long form interviews, such as those by Joe Rogan or Triggernometry. Also, I think Tucker Carlson did the right thing (like those other long for interviewers) by …

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