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Westphalia: The Last Christian Peace

Somehow, the English-speaking world went over 350 years without a monograph on a peace treaty that is acknowledged as one of the most important in history.  For more information, go to this page.

Amazon rating:  4.4  “It provides a detailed but comprehensible account of the Westphalia negotiations” (Journal of Modern History)

“Here is everything one might want to know about the Peace of Westphalia” (Choice)

The Peace of Westphalia:  A Historical Dictionary

If you need to know something about one particular aspect of the peace — a country, an issue, an ambassador, or something general such as “public” or “newspapers” — this is a good place to look.

Amazon rating:  4.8  “[a]n indispensable aid to anglophone scholars” (International History Review)

Peacemaking in Early Modern Europe:  Cardinal Mazarin and the Congress of Westphalia, 1643-1648

More detailed than the other two books listed here.  It is especially useful for its discussion of military campaigns and their relation to the negotiations.

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