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1644-01-05Arrival/Departure/TravelChristian IV withdraws his plenipotentiaries from Osnabrück
1632-01-06Treaty of Vic (France and Lorraine)
1647-01-08Peace TreatyDutch and Spanish sign treaty in Münster
1647-01-10Trauttmansdorff travels to Osnabrück to settle Pomerania
1631-01-13Alliance TreatyTreaty of Bärwalde (France and Sweden)
1647-01-15D'Avaux goes to Osnabrück (until April)
1648-01-15Political eventLit de justice in France registering taxes
1643-01-17Political eventFall of Olivares
1647-01-17Wittgenstein returns to Osnabrück with new orders from Frederick William on Pomerania
1634-01-19Political eventAbdication of Charles IV of Lorraine
1641-01-21Political eventCatalonia names Louis XIII Count of Barcelona
1647-01-25France and Spain agree on draft treaty
1648-01-30Peace TreatyTreaty of Münster (Spain and the Dutch Republic)
1640-02-03Political eventElectors' Diet in Nuremberg opens
1648-02-03Arrival/Departure/TravelLongueville leaves Münster
1647-02-07Sweden and Brandenburg agree on partition of Pomerania
1634-02-08Alliance TreatyTreaty of Paris (France and the Dutch Republic)
1640-02-09DeathDeath of Murad IV/ Accession of Ibrahim I
1645-02-12Procession for the jubilee of Innocent X
1637-02-15DeathDeath of Ferdinand II
1645-02-16Approved powers are exchanged in Münster
1647-02-18Preliminary treaty between Sweden and Emperor
1647-02-19Brandenburg's compensation settled
1645-02-24ProposalFrance issues a revised version of its peace proposition
1647-02-24ProposalWettstein demands full sovereignty for Switzerland
1648-02-24Alliance TreatyNew treaty between Bavaria and Emperor
1634-02-25DeathAssassination of Wallenstein
1648-02-28Religious negotiations recommence
1644-03-01Alliance TreatyTreaty of the Hague (France and Dutch Republic)
1648-03-04Agreement on Imperial Chamber Court reached
1629-03-06Political eventEdict of Restitution
1638-03-06Alliance TreatyTreaty of Hamburg (France and Sweden)
1645-03-06BattleBattle of Jankov (Sweden vs. Emperor)
1645-03-07ProposalEmperor's reply to French and Swedish propositions
1648-03-08Agreement on religious autonomy
1647-03-09ProposalNew Protestant demands in response to Trauttmansdorff's Final Declaration
1648-03-09DeathDeath of Christian IV of Denmark
1637-03-10DeathDeath of Bogislav XIV of Pomerania
1647-03-14DeathDeath of Frederick Henry, Dutch Stadtholder
1647-03-14TruceTruce of Ulm (France and Bavaria)
1637-03-16Arrival/Departure/TravelImperial representatives (Krane and Questenberg) arrive in Cologne for conference
1644-03-17Arrival/Departure/TravelD'Avaux arrives in Münster
1648-03-18Swedish satisfaction signed
1642-03-19TruceTruce of Szöny (Empire and Ottomans)
1648-03-24Religious settlement reached
1642-03-25Congress of Westphalia scheduled to start (according to treaty of Hamburg)
1648-03-25Palatinate issue settled
1648-03-25Palatinate issue settled
1635-03-26Political eventSpanish seize Elector of Trier
1647-03-27Arrival/Departure/TravelLongueville's wife, Anne de Bourbon, leaves Münster
1636-03-30Alliance TreatyTreaty of Wismar (France and Sweden)
1647-03-31ProposalEstates vote to create 8th elector for the Palatinate
1643-04-02Passports and ratifications exchanged in Hamburg (negotiations to begin 7/11)
1644-04-02DeathSpanish representative Zapata dies
1648-04-02Estates give Kassel and Darmstadt two weeks to settle
1645-04-03Political eventEnd of the effectus suspensivus of the Regensburg amnesty
1630-04-06Peace TreatyPeace of Cherasco (France and Spain)
1644-04-06Arrival/Departure/TravelJohan Oxenstierna arrives in Osnabrück
1647-04-06ProposalJohan Oxenstierna and Volmar agree on order of treaty terms
1647-04-06ProposalJohan Oxenstierna and Volmar agree on order of treaty terms
1648-04-07RatificationDutch Republic ratifies peace with Spain
1644-04-10Procession for the peace conference
1647-04-10Queen Christina orders delegates not to hold up peace over Osnabrück
1645-04-11Emperor orders the Deputation Diet to relocate to Münster
1645-04-12Alliance TreatyEmperor and Elector of Trier agree to a treaty, leading to the Elector's release from prison
1648-04-14Peace TreatyTreaty of Kassel settles Marburg inheritance
1644-04-16Exchange of powers (France and Emperor)
1644-04-17Exchange of powers (France and Spain)
1648-04-17BattleBattle of Zusmarshausen (France and Sweden vs. Emperor and Bavaria)
1645-04-18ProposalSpain issues a reply to the first French proposition
1648-04-18Arrival/Departure/TravelD'Avaux leaves Münster to return to France
1645-04-20Arrival/Departure/TravelArrival of the Elector of Mainz's representative in Münster
1645-04-22Alliance TreatyTreaty between France and Transylvania
1633-04-23Alliance TreatyHeilbronn League signed
1648-04-23Political eventServien promoted to minister of state
1645-04-24Arrival/Departure/TravelArrival of the Elector of Brandenburg's representatives
1635-04-28Alliance TreatyTreaty of Compiègne (France and Sweden)
1648-04-30Political eventPaulette renewed conditionally
1645-05-04SiegeSiege of Brünn begins
1645-05-05BattleBattle of Herbsthausen (France vs. Bavaria)
1647-05-09TruceElector of Mainz signs neutrality treaty with France
1648-05-09Estates agree to discuss paying Swedish army
1644-05-13Arrival/Departure/TravelSwedish representative Rosenhane arrives in Münster
1648-05-13Parlement of Paris issues a Decree of Union authorizing the Chambre Saint Louis meetings
1643-05-14DeathDeath of Louis XIII
1648-05-15Swearing of Treaty of Münster
1642-05-18Arrival/Departure/TravelJohann Krane, Imperial representative, arrives in Münster
1648-05-18SiegeSpanish capture Courtrai
1635-05-19France declares war on Spain
1643-05-19BattleBattle of Rocroi
1648-05-20DeathDeath of Wladislaw IV of Poland
1643-05-21RatificationFrance ratifies Treaty of Hamburg
1643-05-27Krane releases Münster from Imperial sovereignty
1648-05-29SiegeFrench capture Ypres
1635-05-30Peace TreatyPeace of Prague (Saxony and the Emperor)
1640-06-01Alliance TreatyTreaty of Paris (France and Portugal)
1645-06-11ProposalSecond propositions
1640-06-12TruceDutch-Portuguese truce for 10 years
1647-06-12DeathDeath of Prince Christian of Denmark (heir apparent)
1648-06-12Settlement of Swedish army's payment
1647-06-13ProposalTrauttmansdorff's draft treaty
1648-06-14ProposalFrance demands that Burgunidan Circle be excluded from peace
1630-06-17Alliance TreatyTreaty of The Hague (France and the Dutch Republic)
1643-06-17Emperor orders post office established in Münster
1647-06-17SiegeFrance lifts siege of Lérida
1643-06-18Osnabrück neutralized
1645-06-22BattleBattle of Llorens (France vs. Spain)
1645-06-24War/RebellionOttoman army invades Crete
1633-06-26Treaty of Liverdun (France and Lorraine)
1641-06-30Alliance TreatyTreaty of Hamburg (France and Sweden)
1645-06-30Arrival/Departure/TravelLongueville arrives in Münster
1648-06-30Political eventDeclaration of the Chambre Saint Louis
1648-07-02Marriage/BetrothalFerdinand III maries Maria Leopoldine of Austria
1645-07-05Arrival/Departure/TravelPeñaranda arrives in Münster
1637-07-06Arrival/Departure/TravelFrench representative La Barde arrives in Cologne
1629-07-07Peace TreatyPeace of Lübeck (Empire and Denmark)
1640-07-07Political eventElectors' Diet in Nuremberg closes
1645-07-07SiegeFrench capture La Mothe in Lorraine
1647-07-07War/RebellionRevolt of Naples
1630-07-10Alliance TreatyTreaty of Stettin (Sweden and Pomerania) [Dated to 7/10, but probably signed on 8/30]
1643-07-10Arrival/Departure/TravelFirst Danish mediator (Christopher von der Lippe) arrives in Osnabrück
1645-07-10SiegeFrench capture Mardyck in Flanders
1648-07-10Terms for paying Swedish army settled
1644-07-11BattleBattle of Kohlberger Heide (Sweden vs. Denmark)
1645-07-11Lengericher Schluss
1642-07-12RatificationFerdinand III ratifies the Treaty of Hamburg
1645-07-13DeathDeath of Michael Romanov
1647-07-16Arrival/Departure/TravelTrauttmansdorff leaves conference
1647-07-17SiegeSwedes capture Eger
1643-07-18Swedish garrison withdraws from Osnabrück
1647-07-20Johan Oxenstierna returns to Osnabrück
1648-07-26SiegeSwedes capture suburbs of Prague
1644-07-29DeathDeath of Urban VIII
1645-07-29Arrival/Departure/TravelArchbishop of Mainz's representative arrives in Münster
1647-07-29Alliance TreatyDutch treaty with France guarantees current Spanish concessions
1647-07-30Servien leaves the Hague to return to Münster
1644-07-31SiegeSpanish recapture Lerida from France
1644-08-03BattleBattle of Freiburg (France vs. Bavaria)
1645-08-03BattleBattle of Alerheim
1648-08-06Swedish-Imperial treaty read aloud
1647-08-07Servien arrives in Münster
1645-08-08Peace TreatyEmperor signs preliminary agreement with Rakoczy
1645-08-09SiegeFrench capture Bourbourg in Flanders
1647-08-13States-General agrees to conclude peace with Spain (instead of truce)
1647-08-15War/RebellionCologne breaks Truce of Ulm
1645-08-18Rakoczy withdraws his forces from Brünn
1645-08-18SiegeTurks capture Canea
1645-08-19SiegeSwedes lift siege of Brünn
1648-08-20BattleBattle of Lens (France vs. Spain)
1639-08-22Alliance TreatyTreaty of Dorsten (France and Hesse-Kassel)
1645-08-23Peace TreatyTreaties of Brömsebro (Sweden and Denmark) and Kristianopel (United Provinces and Denmark)
1647-08-23Dutch plenipotentiaries set out of Münster
1648-08-28Estates' declaration on Alsace
1645-08-29Ferdinand III invites all estates to attend the negotiations
1636-09-04Political eventElector's Diet at Regensburg (to January 1637)
1644-09-05SiegeDutch capture Sas van Ghent from Spain
1634-09-06BattleBattle of Nördlingen (Sweden vs. Spain and the Empire)
1645-09-06TruceTruce of Kötzschenbroda (Sweden and Saxony)
1643-09-08Arrival/Departure/TravelSchering Rosenhane, Swedish representative, arrives in Osnabrück
1644-09-09SiegeFrance captures Philippsburg from the Emperor
1644-09-11Swedes and Imperials exchange powers
1635-09-12TruceTruce of Stuhmsdorf (Sweden and Poland)
1640-09-13Political eventDiet of Regensburg begins
1644-09-15Political eventElection of Innocent X
1648-09-15France signs treaty
1648-09-16Sweden signs treaty
1631-09-17BattleBattle of Breitenfeld
1644-09-18Political eventQueen Christina declared in her majority
1633-09-20Treaty of Charmes (France and Lorraine)
1637-09-22DeathDeath of Charles of Gonzaga-Nevers
1645-09-22ProposalEmperor's response to France
1646-09-22ProposalFrench present their "Most Important Points" to the Dutch
1645-09-25ProposalEmperor shares response to French proposition with the estates
1629-09-26TruceTruce of Altmark (Sweden and Poland)
1648-09-28Political eventBarricades in Paris force release of Broussel
1646-10-01ProposalSpanish response to French "Most Important Points"
1647-10-01Treaty of Lauenau regulating disposition of Schamburg (Hesse-Kassel and Brunswick)
1636-10-04BattleBattle of Wittstock (Sweden vs. the Emperor)
1638-10-04DeathDeath of Francis Hyacinth of Savoy; beginning of succession conflict
1645-10-05Marriage/BetrothalMarriage of Wladislaw IV to Maria of Gonzaga-Nevers
1644-10-06DeathDeath of Philip IV's wife Elisabeth de Bourbon
1637-10-07DeathDeath of Victor Amadeus I of Savoy
1647-10-07ProposalCatholic response to the Instrumentum Trauttmansdorffianum
1649-10-07Marriage/BetrothalPhilip IV of Spain marries his niece, Maria Anna of Austria
1646-10-08BattleFrench capture Piombino
1639-10-09Alliance TreatyTreaty of Breisach (France and Bernhard's erstwhile army)
1646-10-09DeathDeath of Balthasar Carlos, only male heir of Philip IV of Spain
1647-10-09DeathDeath of Anselm Kasimir, Elector of Mainz
1641-10-10Political eventDiet of Regensburg closes
1646-10-11BattleFrench capture Dunkirk
1644-10-13BattleBattle of Fehmarn (Swedes vs. Danes)
1635-10-16Saxony declares war on Sweden
1645-10-16ProposalSecond Imperial proposition handed over in Münster
1644-10-17Arrival/Departure/TravelServien arrives in Münster
1645-10-18Arrival/Departure/TravelArchbishop of Trier's representatives arrive in Münster
1645-10-20SiegeFrench capture Balaguer in Catalonia
1636-10-22Arrival/Departure/TravelPapal representative (Ginetti) arrives in Cologne to begin negotiations
1645-10-22ProposalSecond Imperial proposition delivered in Osnabrück
1647-10-24DeathDeath of Spanish representative Joseph Bergaigne
1648-10-24The Peace of Westphalia is signed
1635-10-27Alliance TreatyTreaty of Paris (France and Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar)
1646-10-29BattleFrench capture Porto-Longone
1634-11-01Alliance TreatyTreaty of Paris (France and the Heilbronn League)
1646-11-02Salvius goes to Münster
1645-11-05SiegeDutch capture Hulst
1643-11-06Arrival/Departure/TravelDiega de Saavedra y Fajardo, Spanish representative, arrives in Münster
1647-11-11ProposalFrench and Imperial representatives agree to abide by their preliminary agreement
1644-11-13BattleBattle of Jüterbog (Sweden vs. Empire)
1647-11-14Corpus Catholicorum moves to Osnabrück
1645-11-15Alliance TreatyFrance signs treaty with Denmark
1645-11-15Johan Oxenstierna goes to Münster
1647-11-15Dutch agree to accept the omission of "spiritual" authority in Spain's cession of the Meierij
1632-11-16BattleBattle of Lützen (Sweden and Empire; Gustavus Adolphus dies)
1643-11-16Arrival/Departure/TravelAlvise Contarini, papal nuntio, arrives in Münster
1644-11-17Arrival/Departure/TravelAbel Servien, French representative, arrives in Münster
1645-11-18Salvius goes to Münster
1647-11-18Political eventElection of Johann Philipp von Schönborn as Elector of Mainz
1646-11-19ProposalNew Swedish proposal on Pomerania
1644-11-20Plenipotentiaries agree on powers (to be delivered by January 20)
1645-11-20Supplementary Swedish instructions on satisfaction
1646-11-21BattleFrench lift siege of Lérida
1646-11-21Johan Oxenstierna returns to Osnabrück
1645-11-22Supplementary French instructions on satisfaction
1643-11-24BattleBattle of Tuttlingen
1644-11-25Arrival/Departure/TravelWartenberg, representative for the Archbishop of Cologne, arrives in Münster
1646-11-26United Provinces decides to make peace, not just a truce, with Spain
1643-11-27Arrival/Departure/TravelJohan Adler Salvius, Swedish representative, arrives in Osnabrück
1632-11-29DeathDeath of Frederick V of the Palatinate
1645-11-29Arrival/Departure/TravelMaximilian von Trauttmansdorff, Imperial representative, arrvies in Münster
1640-12-01War/RebellionRevolt of Portugal; accession of John IV
1646-12-01ProposalTrauttmansdorff issues his "final declaration" on religious matters
1645-12-03SiegeSpanish recapture Mardyck
1642-12-04DeathDeath of Cardinal Richelieu
1644-12-04ProposalFirst propositions of peace
1646-12-06Marriage/BetrothalElector Frederick William of Brandenburg marries Louise of Orange
1647-12-09ProposalCatholics reject the "Instrumentum Trauttmansdorffianum" on religious affairs
1645-12-14Trauttmansdorff goes to Osnabrück
1645-12-15Chigi drafts protest against the religious negotiations
1645-12-16Peace TreatyTreaty of Linz between the Emperor and Transylvania
1638-12-17SiegeBernhard of Saxe-Weimar captures Breisach
1647-12-17ProposalIsaak Volmar issues his "Temperaments" on religious grievances
1631-12-20SiegeSweden captures Mainz
1636-12-22Political eventFerdinand III elected King of the Romans
1643-12-22War/RebellionBeginning of the Torstensson War
1647-12-24Chigi shares his protest letter with Catholics
1641-12-25Alliance TreatyTreaty of Hamburg (establishing the Congress of Westphalia)
1645-12-25ProposalProtestants deliver their religious demands
1631-12-27SiegeFrench capture Moyenvic
1646-12-27Under French pressure, Dutch agree to delay treaty with Spain for 8-10 days
1646-12-29Servien goes to The Hague