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Month: November 2023

The Peace of Westphalia and Sovereignty

I realized that I had never posted any videos explaining the relation between the Peace of Westphalia and sovereignty — or why people think there is a relation — so I remedied that this week.

Secularism and the World Order

In today’s article, an author complains that “current institutions reflect the statist and Euro-centric origins of the United Nations.” “Many Muslims,” he writes, “believe that the West is using international institutions, military power and economic resources to run the world in ways that will maintain Western predominance, protect Western interests and promote Western political and …

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What is a Religious War?

Today’s article comes from an interesting place: a discussion of religious conflict in Israel, published 3 days before the Palestinian attack. Even more surprising, it is not about a religious conflict between Jews and Muslims, but one among Jews. The subject is a statement by an Orthodox member of the Knesset that the current social …

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Off Ramp for Ukraine

In this clip, Rand Paul asks a state department official (no name given in the clip) about whether the State Department has a plan for an “off ramp” for Ukraine support. This is similar to concerns about an “exit plan” for U.S. intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, something everyone thought we should obviously have once …

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Separatist States and Turkey: Nagorno-Karabakh and North Cyprus

An article in a Greek online journal calls out Turkey for being incosistent in its support for sovereignty: it helped end the separatist state of Nagorno-Karabakh, yet it continues to support Northern Cyprus. This discussion does not concern the Peace of Westphalia directly; it is, at most, about sovereignty, which Westphalia was not about. On …

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Good News in Ukraine

There hasn’t been much news about the Ukraine war for the last 6-9 months, as it appears to have fallen into a stalemate and the summer offensives have achieved little. The good news is that this has finally inspired Ukraine’s supporters to begin urging the country to consider negotiations. The best outcome for this war …

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