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Today, as everyone knows, is the 375th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia. 375 is not a much-celebrated anniversary for most events, but when they get that old, you take what you can get. Harvard had its 375th in 2011, and Montreal had its in 2017. I don’t think there’s a good Latin name for the 375th anniversary, on the model of a centennial or bicentennial. Harvard tried and couldn’t find one for 350th, much less 375th. It’s a pity; I remember when my church celebrated its sesquicentennial, so it seemed like there ought to be some term for 375.

The city of Münster is taking it very seriously — but it’s hardly a surprise that they would want to emphasize their role in an historical event. A friend who was there earlier this year for a conference (on the occasion of the anniversary, naturally) lamented the lack of merchandise to celebrate the event: a curious oversight in the modern world. The only thing she could find was an alcohol called “Friedensbrand” (“peace fire”). I am doing my part, however: you can still get a Peace of Westphalia mug with the EPW logo on one side and the “peace rider” on the other.

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