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Year: 2023

Palestine and Sovereignty

Today’s article concerns the problems with creating an independent, demilitarized Palestinian state. I found out about it because it makes a ritual obeisance to Westphalia as the origin of the state system, going so far as to footnote the treaties of Münster and Osnabrück with the explanation, “Together, these two treaties comprise the ‘Treaty of …

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Norman Angell

I mentioned yesterday that the article I cited supported what I regarded as a fantasy of planetary interdependence. Specifically, the author argued for a kind of “planetary realism” that “recognizes that the security of each depends inextricably on cooperation and collaboration with others in aligning with the self-regulating ecosystem of the Earth.” This view throws …

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Final Thoughts on Kissinger

Kissinger’s period at the pinnacle of American politics lasted only 6 years, but it was a momentous 6 years, and his policies had an enormous impact: détente, the opening to China, withdrawal from Vietnam. He continued to advise presidents for the next 30 years, and his book “World Order,” written when he was 90, was …

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Kissinger as a Thinker

I failed to mention one of Kissinger’s greatest achievements yestereday: détente. It is characteristic of Kissinger’s approach to foreign policy in that it was intended as a practical way of improving the U.S. international position. It resulted in strengthening the Soviets through grain sales, and the positive effect it was supposed to have on human …

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Henry Kissinger, RIP

Former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger passed away on November 29th, aged 100. My major point of interest in Kissinger has been his book World Order, which mainly interested me because of its lengthy discussion of the Congress of Westphalia. I discussed the book at length, disagreeing with most of it. …

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