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lcpWestphalia: The Last Christian Peace

Yes, I am guilty of putting my own book first — but if you don’t read German, there really isn’t much choice.  Somehow, the English-speaking world went over 350 years without a monograph on a peace treaty that is acknowledged as one of the most important in history.  For more information, go to this page.




world_orderWorld Order by Henry Kissinger

Kissinger puts Westphalia at the foundation of the international state system, and devotes a few pages to it.  See my comments here.





dickmannDer Westfälische Frieden by Fritz Dickmann

If you do read German, this book is still the standard.  Dickmann is more interested in the negotiations as a phenomenon in the internal history of the Empire, but he does not ignore international events by any means.




gross  The Peace of Westphalia, 1648-1948 by Leo Gross

This article by Gross, originally published in 1948 and reproduced in this collection, is often the starting point for English speakers.  (The full text of the article is available online, for free,  here.)





osianderThe States System of Europe, 1640-1990, by Andreas Osiander

This book covers four peace conferences, devoting considerable attention to the Congress of Westphalia, and is probably the lengthiest English-language treatment of the negotiations at Westphalia prior to 2013.




tywThe Thirty Years’ War by Geoffrey Parker et al.

For background on the war that preceded the peace, this is the standard work in English.  About half the chapters were written by Geoffrey Parker, the other half by specialists in various fields.




powdictThe Peace of Westphalia:  A Historical Dictionary

This reference work (full disclosure:  I co-authored it with Anuschka Tischer) can be useful if you need more information on a particular person, place, or event associated with the negotiations.  It also has entries on general concepts such as public opinion.




pow-bib  Bibliographie zum Westfälischen Frieden, edited by Heinz Duchhardt

 If you want to find out about more sources on the Peace of Westphalia, this massive bibliography contains an incredible list, and it is only about 15 years old.  Unfortunately, the last 15 years have seen a further outpouring of works on the Peace of Westphalia, and there is no comprehensive place to find them.

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